"Adriaan White"

We can't thank you guys enough, Sydney Build is the go-to guys, these guys are professionals, we had a major renovation planned and were very worried as to what hickups we would encounter, and how much over budget we would go. We talked to 4 different builders SydneyBuild was by far the best, not the cheapest but it went like clockwork and any little issues were never too much trouble for them, and most importantly they came on budget. Nick, Chris, and the team are legends:)!
Adriaan White

"Peter Farag"

we had been wanting to do a major overhaul on our tiny house in order for it to efficiently accommodate our family of 5, so contacted Nick from Sydney build and knew it was not going to be an easy build because of site restrictions and our requirements- we liked Nick straight away and could tell he knew his stuff more importantly he was upfront and transparent which was what we were looking for, because our home project was so important to us it could not be handed over to just any old building company. The job was complex and yet dealing with the SydneyBuild team was always a pleasure - they made a complex process enjoyable which was an experience beyond our expectation, and they always go the extra mile which we noticed in every part of the build. They were honest and upfront, and when I suggested something that was a really bad idea they were caring enough to tell me why I should reconsider, I had such faith in this team that I accepted their suggestions and thankfully it meant we made all the right choices and now have an amazing home, vistors constantly 'ohhh and ahhh' at the phenomenal features through out the home, We love the home Sydneybuild created for our family, it means everything to us, we highly recommend you to everyone, best building company in Australia!

Peter Farag